Oh man, I can feel the tension building! Folks are going to have their underpants in a knot over this. I know, because I have already been yelled at for my earlier postings. But since I have way more guts than common sense, I am back on my mission. I feel like I need to Read More

Ne ho ma? Genki desu ka? Ni how” If you don’t speak Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin, or Korean, you might think that I was just talking about you. I wasn’t. I was asking how you were doing. That brings me to my next point. I was speaking with an Asian friend about using Asian language while Read More

I think that I am getting emotional. We are about to jump on one of my favorite topics: Full contact sparring . I am so happy I am like…I cant even finish my….tee-hee!! Okay, I got a grip now. I am a FIRM believer in full contact sparring. I am sick and tired of watching Read More

Take a deep breath, I am going to tackle one of martial arts most consistent and persistent traditions. Wearing a gi is one of the things most commonly associated with practicing martial arts. For those who don’t know, the gi is the heavy cotton uniform that you have most likely seen in the movies, or Read More