Okay fans, this is always a good thing: controversy. Bruce Lee passed over 30 years ago, and his name is still on the lips of millions of martial artists around the world. I say deservedly so. He has inspired millions with his charisma, and inspired millions more to begin training in martial arts. Alright, the Read More

I think that this question is a very important one. I have been to a lot of schools where the teaching style is very rigid, and traditional in the Asian sense of the word. I have also been to some schools that were very non-traditional. My question for you all is, do you feel it Read More

Hello folks, I have been gone for a minute because sometimes life gets hectic, even for the extraordinarily handsome 🙂 Anyhow, after watching a horrific display of the watering down of martial arts at a tourney, I wanted to ask you a question. That question is, do you guys train with weaponry at your dojo? Read More

  OOOHHH man! This is going to be a hot one. This is one of those hotly debated topics that make me feel all squishy inside. Contracts, or no contracts? There seems to be two major components of this argument. The first one says,” If they were serious and committed, signing a contract is not Read More

Brothers and sisters, the moment of redemption is at hand…… Wait a second, no it isn’t. Sorry folks, I get carried away sometimes. Here is the question I have for the day. That question is (insert drum roll) do you break boards at your school? I don’t. I have never felt the need to try Read More