Hey there, Now folks, I speak on this subject because of what I have recently witnessed. There are a lot of tournaments out there these days. Now I have a lot to say about this, so I am going to jump in and see where we end up. Now, in the old days, I used Read More

  so it is almost with a sad heart that I make this post/observation. When I was a kid, ya know back when we rode chariots to school, martial arts training was different. We went, warmed up, worked on our techniques, worked our drills, sparred, and went home. That was it, no frills, no nonsense. Read More

  I am sorry my friends. I have not been a good friend. I have not done my part in battling the martial arts crappola online. It is not like I have not been thinking of you. I have, almost every day. But I am going to get up off of my knees, stop with Read More

Man, I just saw a competition from Fukuoka Japan. It was….inspiring. Even those who did not win their matches showed great spirit, technique and honor. It made me think of the best days of martial arts in this country. The days before little ninja programs, or making classes “fun” because kids needed to be entertained. Read More

How long did it take you to get your rank? I am always curious as to how much study went into your achievement. Forgive me, if you cannot hear the sarcasm, but it is there. I have just seen another couple of kids, with the “skills” of rank amatuers about to test for their Black Read More