Oh man, I can feel the tension building! Folks are going to have their underpants in a knot over this. I know, because I have already been yelled at for my earlier postings. But since I have way more guts than common sense, I am back on my mission. I feel like I need to Read More

Ne ho ma? Genki desu ka? Ni how” If you don’t speak Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin, or Korean, you might think that I was just talking about you. I wasn’t. I was asking how you were doing. That brings me to my next point. I was speaking with an Asian friend about using Asian language while Read More

Sheesh, what is with me and all of the kicking topics? Oh well, even though I enjoy punching more than kicking, I am going to jump all over this anyhow. I have always wondered why it is that there are so many arguments over what part of the foot you are supposed to kick with. Read More

*Anthony sits at his desk, lost in thought. He lifts his head and speaks* Yep, Sesame Street was definitely cooler than the Muppet Show. Oh wait! That’s not why I’m here. Hey folks, your favorite rabble rouser is back in the building. On the heels of my hotly debated full contact issue, I wanted to Read More

I think that I am getting emotional. We are about to jump on one of my favorite topics: Full contact sparring . I am so happy I am like…I cant even finish my….tee-hee!! Okay, I got a grip now. I am a FIRM believer in full contact sparring. I am sick and tired of watching Read More