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About Us

About Our School

Do you feel like you need a change for the better? If you are here, then you have already taken the most important step. Thomas Martial Arts will help you regain balance, and control of the things that you have lost. Discipline? Confidence? Athletic Ability? Self Confidence? The Way of Simplicity is a vehicle back to the life that you enjoyed most. What we offer is the most highly practical, highly realistic expression of Karate available. Known as the “Way of Simplicity” I specialize the most practical and efficient way to defend yourself against armed and unarmed opponents, even is they are much bigger, stronger, or more aggressive. To be clear, the curriculum includes punches, kicks, elbows, knees, head butts, joint locks, throws and sweeps but we are NOT MMA teachers. Kenpo as we teach it acknowledges both the Chinese, Japanese and Okinawan interpretations of the art, which is usually over-looked since most schools nowadays are putting profit over principle. The curriculum has built in measurable mile-stones that you will be able to recognize and overcome as you progress with your training. Starting from the inside you will enjoy a new found and lasting contentment that only comes with focused Martial Arts training. Join now, and take your life back!

Thomas Martial Arts and Fitness Academy

About Our School

The Thomas Martial Arts & Fitness Academy is the result of 3 generations of Martial Arts training and refinement. Beginning back in the 1950’s. Sensei Dave Cardenas, an Ed Parker Black Belt, began making more functional refinements to what he had learned from Ed Parker, largely in the areas of situation adaptation. My father then modified HIS teachings further by refining techniques based on the particular physical makeup of a student, as well the most practical defensive measures. Then I have modified THAT method with the refinements of gripping techniques, and sweeping techniques. The refinement in methodology has yielded 5 championships in Long Beach International competition as well as a Golden Gloves Boxing Title in the Middle Weight division,

Anthony Thomas

Meet Owner Anthony Thomas

My father, Bobby Thomas was born in Texas and raised in California. His Martial Arts career began and flourished under the Tutelage of Sensei Dave Cardenas. He was the FIRST Martial Artist from San Diego to win several international tournaments in both the United States AND in Mexico Since the late 1960’s he has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and the winner of most of California’s major tournaments, including the Long Beach Internationals on 3 separate occasions. Since then he has gifted his time and expertise to hundreds of students, in both the For-Profit, and Non-Profit worlds.

As his son, I began my Martial Arts career in 1979 in San Diego, Ca. I was raised in the Martial Arts tradition in the traditional father and son way, which has paved my way for my many future successes. While I began teaching in the Non-Profit world, I moved to the Bay Area and have taught at such agencies as Oracle, Kaiser, People Soft, Workday, Veeva, Roche, Documentum At&T and more. As the realization of both of our dreams, the Thomas Martial Arts and Fitness Academy will now serve the Bay Area with a Martial Arts Legacy that dates back to the 1950’s with Dave Cardenas who taught in the Bay Area before moving to San Diego

Why Choose Thomas Martial Arts and Fitness Academy?

Join TODAY for a POSITIVE change in your life!

With the Thomas Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, you will receive nothing but fun-filled, energetic, and dynamic classes in a fun filled family environment. Our Martial Arts legacy extends back to the 1950’s and we provide NOTHING but the absolute best that the Martial Arts world has to offer.

ANYONE can benefit from our training

No matter your age, physical stature, previous limitations, lack of experience, gender or personal beliefs, EVERYONE can and will benefit from the training that you will receive from the expert and proven methods that we use. It is PERFECT for anyone who is interested.

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  • My Martial Arts training helps me manage the stress and anxiety that comes from my job!

  • My Martial Arts training has made me stronger, more flexible and more agile!

  • I have more energy now than I had in my 40's!

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