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practice does not make perfect, realistic practice does

The key to mastery is working the basics constantly. There is nor magic or shortcuts!

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Do you feel like you need a change for the better? If you are here, then you have already taken the most important step. Thomas Martial Arts will help you regain balance, and control of the things that you have lost.Discipline? Confidence? Athletic Ability? Self Confidence? The Way of Simplicity is a vehicle back to the life that you enjoyed most.

The curriculum has built in measurable mile-stones that you will be able to recognize and overcome as you progress with your training. Starting from the inside you will enjoy a new found and lasting contentment that only comes with focused Martial Arts training. Join now,  and take your life back!



What I offer is the most highly practical, highly realistic expression of Karate available. Known as the "Way of Simplicity" I specialize the most practical and efficient way to defend yourself against armed and unarmed opponents, even is they are much bigger, stronger, or more aggressive.

To be clear, the curriculum includes punches, kicks, elbows, knees, head butts, joint locks, throws and sweeps but  I am NOT an MMA teacher. Kenpo as we teach it acknowledges both the Chinese, Japanese and Okinawan interpretations of the art, which is usually over-looked since most schools nowadays are putting  profit over principle.

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Call me about the special rates for non-profits, educators, home schooled kids, fire-fighters, paramedics and Community Outreach Programs.

Private 1 Hour Instruction- ( Myself + You ) 75$ per session

Private 1 Hour Instruction ( Myself + 2 students ) 60$ per person 

Semi-Private 1 Hour Instruction ( Myself + 3-5 students ) 50$ per person

Group Classes 1 Hour Instruction ( Myself + 6 or more students ) 25$ per person 

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